Finlay Street

Whole House Renovations In Fulham

Just a block away from this property is Craven Cottage, home of the Fulham Football Club. Nearby is Bishop’s Park with its Thames frontage. The houses in the area have been improved and expanded since the property price boom of the 1980s. We were appointed to do a full house refurbishment of one of them.

The client wanted a new ground floor layout and a new master bedroom suite in the loft. First, we had to get planning consent for the alterations. We worked hard to achieve a concept that met the objectives of our client and the approval of the London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham where have had many successes with appeals over the years.

The need to create a small library gave us the opportunity to improve the layout of the ground floor. We blocked off a window to the rear of the reception room, added bookshelves then painted everything black to throw the colourful spines of the books forward in relief. This enabled us to resolve problem of the middle room which, like so many others, is gets less light and, consequently, a less defined function than the front or the rear rooms.

Elsewhere, different floor levels were used to distinguish between the sitting and dining areas and, to maximise the space, the kitchen had access a concealed larder.

From an A to Z refurbishment, we ended up with a bright, colourful set of rooms with lots of light, character and an exaggerated perception of space. Appropriate for a house on Alphabet Street!



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